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Welcome to the Newtown Mid Wales Stoves Pool League for 2023/2024.


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Below are the fixtures for this week and the results across all three divisions.

Home Away
Premier League
Full Montys14 0Nomads
Herbert A7 7Interchangeables
Jockey A10 4The Lions
Talbot Tigers0 0Bye
Lion Cubs5 9 Jockey B
Monty Misfits9 5The Sws
Division 2
Monty Cues8 6Herbert Hotshots
Queens Head A9 5Cefn Coch B
Courthouse Jury0 0Bye
Bullnheifer7 7Lion Caerhowel
Red Lion6 8 Sportsman A
Cefn Coch A8 6Desert Rats
Division 3
Buck Yourself8 6Queens Head B
Jones & Co8 6Kerry Lamb
Woodenspooners0 0Bye
The Outbowlers9 5Midnight Bowlers
Dolau Inn6 8 Courthouse Judges
Jockey Jesters6 8 Monty Melts

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